To Be Fair at The Fair

August 07, 2013
Going to the local fair was an interesting experience this year. It was the kind of experience that makes parents never want to do things with their children again. It was the kind of experience where almost every moment was filled with a tantrum, and if it wasn't then a tantrum was soon to follow. I give my son credit, he actually did quite well despite not being able to go on certain rides because he was just a little too small, or he had to wait for us to get food for what sometimes felt like a very long time.

In retrospect, he didn't freak out quite as often as it felt like, and we were usually able to distract him with some other activity. It may have seemed awful in the moment, but I think my husband and I did quite well remaining calm on the outside and explaining things to our son. We understand how important it is for him to be in those situations so he can learn what to do in the future and how to act in public settings, but in the heat of the moment that all flies out of your head and the embarrassment creeps in.

Last year was quite a different experience, and I think we thought it was going to be like that again. He was quite a relaxed baby, but toddlerdom has brought frustration and much independence -- and frustration when he can't be independent. I know that I am not alone, and this experience has taught me to prepare my son more for these experiences. It's hard when you're not big enough or old enough to try something and you have to walk past it -- I remember what it was like and I probably threw a tantrum myself. It's hard when you're having fun and you have to get up and leave because it's time for someone else to have a turn. Everything is a learning experience, and I think my husband and I got a big lesson.

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