Weight Update: Getting Toned

July 14, 2013
At the beginning of the year, I had decided to start working on the muscles in my body. Why be thin and have no shape to my body when I could make myself stronger and look more toned. I haven't gone crazy and signed up for a gym membership or taken part in any body building challenges, but I have been doing squats, lifting weights, and doing crunches to tone the major parts of my body -- I don't need rippling biceps.

Here's the deal, after every shower, I do crunches for my upper abdominal muscles, obliques, and my lower abs -- which are worse off after having a baby. Then I alternate between lifting weights for my upper body, or doing lunges and squats for my lower body -- after one shower is arms, after the next shower is legs, etc. All of these exercises are done within 10 minutes and in my bedroom. It's taken me 7 months, but I am seeing results, and I am so pleased with them -- it is important to note that I don't shower every day. I know that my method has made it so that it has taken longer to noticed the muscular changes in my body, but I've been able to do it all at home and without any major changes to my day.

These are a couple of my favourite exercises that I do that I want to share with you. Back in university, I started taking classes that have you work with the exercise balls. I fell in love with it instantly, and bought one for myself to use at home. I really enjoy doing squats using the ball behind my back and then simply sitting down, and, mostly recently, doing backwards crunches where I am doing a plank pose and then tuck my knees into my chest -- this one is excellent for the lower abdominal area and the hips. There are so many awesome exercises that you can do with an exercise ball to work your entire body, and it's something different besides lifting weights.

*I am not an expert, but this is what is working for me. I hope you'll find what works for you, and maybe some of what helps me will work for you too :)

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