I Don't Regret Waiting

July 10, 2013

Love Waiting Quotes 2

I don't regret waiting to have children -- or in my case, a child -- in fact, I recommend it. My husband and I were quite young when we got married -- we are celebrating 9 years today -- and although we had been together for several years already, we were not in the right place in our relationship to be bringing a child into the world.

We had never lived together or on our own, so we had no clue what it would take to move out of our parents' houses let-a-lone actually live with another person that you were supposed to create a deep relationship with. We struggled for many years to build up a working relationship with respect and a deep love for one another. I'm not saying that our marriage is a perfect one because there is no such thing, but the 6 1/2 years we spent together traveling and having fun built a foundation to be an example to our son. Children do not make life easier, they make it much harder and it puts a different strain on your relationship.

We also had time to explore the world and figure out ourselves as individuals. We were able to find the path that we wanted to take before we brought a child into the world that needed guidance on his own path. My husband and I have gone through several jobs, and have even taken vacations without each other -- because that is okay. It was important for us to learn that we don't need to be around each other all day, every day, and although we don't have much time with each other once our son is in bed, it is still important for us to continue doing things as individuals as well.

I enjoyed the time I had alone with my husband, just as much as I enjoy the time we now have with our son. I like to think that we ended up with the most amazing little boy because we did all that, because we waited. It just wouldn't have been the same, otherwise.

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