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July 19, 2013
When I pin things on Pinterest, I like to pin things with a purpose. I pin recipes and projects that I plan on doing, or to use as inspiration for a project. I pin clothes that I want to buy or outfits that inspire me and I want to use as a jumping off point for my own outfits. I pin activities and games that I plan on doing with the children at work, and I also pin things that I love or think are beautiful -- just yesterday I pinned a photo of two dancers that I enjoy very much, Vera-Ellen and Gene Kelly.

The following are four things that I have made in the last little while, or bought for myself. Maybe they'll inspire you too.

1. Painted Sticks - I made these with the children at work this week while were stuck inside due to the weather. They are fantastic, and the colours came out so vibrant.
2. Nutella Buttercream Frosting - I made this icing for these cupcakes for my Mother's birthday this year. It was amazing, and tastes so delicious when chilled in the fridge.
3. Fishing Game - I made this little fishing game for Little Boy to keep him occupied while out in public places where waiting is involved -- he also likes to play it at home. I recommend finding something other than washers to use as we couldn't find a magnet that was strong enough to pick them up once the felt was around it. I used dimes instead at the advice of my husband.
4. Giraffe Skirt - I love this skirt. It is such a subtle pattern, and so much fun! I just bought a size that is slightly too small and so I'm having to figure out how to make it wearable.

Have a fantastic weekend!

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