The Film Project: June

July 08, 2013
I first introduced you to The Film Project back in the middle of May -- you can see May's photos here -- and since then I have done a lot better with my camera. I have learned a lot more about lenses, and have decided that the next lens I'm going to purchase for my DSLR is a portrait lens. I am in love with the dreamy quality that it provides.

I am still capturing moments in every day life, one photo at a time. I get excited when I drop the film off because I often forget what photos I snapped at the beginning of the month, and it is so nice to have a little bit of a review. I catch myself not taking many photos of the little moments in life -- I mentioned this earlier this year -- and I like that this project is forcing me to find moments throughout the month.

I have noticed that I am paying more attention to my light metering with my digital camera, making it so I don't have to adjust as much while snapping away -- unless the light changes, of course. I wonder what I will learn in this next month, and I'm excited to see what my month was like -- because I know I'll forget :)

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