We All Need Love and Support

April 15, 2013
Listen up! There's a new blog around town that is absolutely fantastic!

I first heard about Bloggers Anonymous through Dana at Wonder Forest. She was kind enough to tweet about it over the weekend, and I must say that I am in love with the concept.

  A Good Deed Brightens A Dark World

Bloggers Anonymous was created as "[a] place to build each other up against the critics that want to bring us [bloggers] down."

"With so much negativity online and offline, why not have a space to celebrate each other?" says their Mission Statement. ""Bloggers Anonymous" is meant for exactly that."

Fans of the blog, and people who stumble upon it, are welcome to Submit a Blogger that they love, are inspired by, or enjoy reading about. They also have a Blog of the Week submission form where anyone can share a blog that has less than 500 followers that they think deserves the spotlight.

Bloggers Anonymous

I am really excited about this idea, and I plan on flooding their inbox with submissions of blogs that I enjoy reading and am inspired by. It's about time that we all stepped up to give each other a pat on the back. Whether you have a following of 15,000 people or 15 people, we all need love and support. I commend the people behind Bloggers Anonymous for taking the first step.

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