April 23, 2013
Earth Day was amazing with the children at work. They are such perceptive people that soak in so much information and just hold it there. They took Earth Day in with their whole hearts, and I couldn't have asked for more.

We talked about recycling and using just a little bit of water to wash our hands -- usually a gush of water comes out of the taps as they wash for lunch. They decided that they would put garbage into garbage bags and sweep the Earth. I wrote down their promises to the Earth, and one boy said "I promise the Earth I will hug it."

We made cookies that look like our planet.

After talking about what we can do and writing down their promises, we put gloves on their little hands and headed out to pick up garbage that people had thrown on the sidewalk and grass. We actually found quite a bit, but it was the things they were asking me and saying while we were cleaning up the litter that made me hopeful. They were asking me why people were throwing their garbage on the ground, and why they couldn't save it to throw away in their garbage bins at home. 

"Why are they hurting our Earth?" they shouted over and over. 

It was a fantastic experience.

When I got home from work on Monday, my husband had a vase filled with beautiful yellow tulips. They smell wonderful, and are the first sign of Spring in our house. I knew that I just had to snap some photos of this fantastic colour. There was also a Kitkat sitting at the base of the vase. It was gobbled up.

With much excitement, a special package from England arrived in the mail this past weekend. I knew I must have these Jane Austen stamps as soon as I saw them on the blog Send More Mail. So I contacted Cari-Jane over at Hybrid Handmade to see if she would be willing to send me some. I enjoyed reading her emails as we talked back and forth. The way she writes is so dreamy and actually made me think of Jane Austen's novels.

How was your Earth Day? Have you received anything special in the mail recently?


  1. Seems like you have the best Husband in the World!

    1. I do have the best husband in the World :)


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