Simple DIY: Christmas Card Display

December 21, 2012

I Used:

Martha Stewart Desert Glitter Set -- it comes with the glue that I used
Mini Clothes Pins 

It's simple enough. I spread the glue evenly over the clothes pin until with my finger so that it was smooth. Then I tapped the top of the glitter bottle with my finger so that a dusting of the sparkly stuff would be spread over the glue.

I did each colour individually so that I could put the unused glitter back into the bottle after I was done, and not end up wasting a bunch of it as it is my precious.

I am using them to display our Christmas cards. I made 10 of them, and I actually need to make more! Can you believe that? Yay for the movement back to sending holiday greetings! What have you done to display your Christmas cards? Do you send out Christmas cards?

Have a fantastic last weekend preparing for this special day. Enjoy the merriment!

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