Simple DIY: A Beaded Necklace

December 14, 2012
I bought most of our Christmas gifts this year. Some are from stores -- either local or not so local -- and some are handmade -- again, from local and not so local -- but I also made a few Christmas gifts this year. I want to share with you one of the gifts that I have made in the hopes that maybe it will inspire you to make some gifts this year as well, maybe even this necklace.

I Used:
5 large wooden beads
4 small blue beads
6 small green beads
24 gauge wire
silver chain
a lobster clasp

First, I laid out my pattern to figure out what colours and sizes of beads that I wanted to use, and exactly how I wanted them to be positioned on the necklace. Then I thread them onto a wire on which I had previously made a loop at the end.

After the beads were thread onto the wire, and the loops were made at each end, I measured out the length of the chain -- which can be any length you wish. I went with 14". The necklace, including the beads, is a total of 20", but, because the wire is mouldable, it doesn't seem that long. I then found the middle, and attached the lobster clasp.

I hope you have a fantastic Friday, and a happy weekend!

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