The Summer List: Complete

September 05, 2012
As Fall was dawning, I finally completed the The Summer List, but I'm going to argue that it was still Summer because the children had not yet gone back to school.

It was mid-July when I first mentioned The Summer List to you. I only did one thing on the list during my holidays in July -- I took Little Boy to an outdoor swimming pool -- because I wanted to save a lot of the activities on the list to do as a family while my husband and I both had time off in August.

We did four more activities on the list, and we even went to another outdoor pool -- this one had water slides, and Little Boy loved them! This past Saturday, I completed the list with my Mother. We took Little Boy to a park that my Mom took me to when I was a little girl. It's fun to be able to start doing those kinds of things.

#2 - Go for a walk by the river.

#3 - Get ice cream from The Bus.
It's a Double Decker Bus in the middle of downtown.

He doesn't quite get the concept of eating ice cream out of a cone.

#4 - Take Little Boy to the library for the first time.

#5 - Go to three different parks.
Number One - A beautiful park in the city where we live.

Number Two - A park that's in our neighbourhood. 
We go to this park almost every night after supper.

Number Three - The park that my Mom took me to as a little girl.

Did you get everything done on your Summer List this year?


  1. Oh my! The ice cream bus looks fabulous! Did NOT get everything done on my summer list - the main one being - re locate family back to the UK! Phew - think it is going to take a little more time. Not beating myself up about it though.

  2. By the way - LOVE your gorgeous profile picture at the top of your blog!!

  3. Did not make a list but by the end of summer felt good about all I had done. Of course, I did get to enjoy time at the park with my daughter and grandson. Best of all on a sunny Monday afternoon we went cruisin' down the river with family and a new friend.


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