It's Been 14 Months?!

June 04, 2012
Little Boy turned 14 months old -- or 1 year and 2 months -- last Friday. It is amazing how much has changed in him since he turned 1 year old.

So fashionable: stripes, polka dots, and plaid!

1. He absolutely cannot get enough of being outside. He loves swinging on the swings and sliding down the slide at the park, and playing with a ball in the backyard.

2. He has gone from being unsteady on his feet to walking on small stones in the park, sand in the playground, and grass in the yard.

3. He has started listening to directions like "close the drawer, please" and "put it back, please".

4. He has gained more words. Not only is he able to say the classics like "mom", "dad" and "dog", but he's started saying "up", "again" and "all done". It just amazes me each time he says something new.

I know that there is so much more to come, and that the days will only get more exciting. I love being with my Little Boy. I love seeing all of the changes in him, but I also love knowing that he will always need a cuddle from his mama.

Happy Monday :)


  1. This is really lovely to read - my boys are still little but they are way past 14 months so it is so nice to read this and remember what they were like at this stage. I DO remember being surprised the first time I said 'go and get your shoes' and off this little thing went and got his shoes - long before he could talk!

    1. Yes! That really surprises me too! Yesterday we were saying that we were getting ready to go visit grandma and grandpa, and he went and grabbed his coat. It's amazing the things that they know and understand already. I'm glad this post brought back some memories :)

  2. aww, he sounds so sweet! what a wonderful collection of little beautiful moments with him :) x

    1. Thank you, Chantilly. He is very sweet :)


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