Birthday Memories

June 22, 2012
At Boston Pizza on his 18th birthday -- 10 years ago!

Yesterday was my husband's 28th birthday. It seems like yesterday that I was planning his 16th birthday surprise party, and he drove to my school to pick my up after my exam was finished -- he just got his license that morning.

There have been so many other memorable birthday's -- I like the surprise ones best -- like when he turned 21 and I arranged for his best buddy to drive two hours to surprise him at a local pub -- along with many other friends. That was the day that he got Optimash Prime.

Thumbs Up!

I know that we have many more birthday's to come -- and some will be surprises...shhh...don't tell my husband -- and the years will only get better, especially with Little Boy in the picture :)

Have a happy weekend!

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