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April 30, 2012
I gave my son my old cell phone to play with the other day, and it got me thinking about the technology that I personally use and how it has changed.

Granted that my first cell phone is 10 years old, it was at the height of technology at it's time -- it had more than one ring tone and wasn't as big as an was so sleek and sexy. It amazes me that I now have a phone that is a touch screen, and can go on the internet. I remember when cell phones first started coming out and people were saying that one day you would be able to access the internet and that no one would have land lines anymore. It never seemed like it would happen, but only 10 years later, that day has come and gone.

I got my very first iPod -- a mini -- the year before I graduated from university -- so it was roughly 2005. I don't have the latest iPod Nano, but it makes me laugh that it is able to play videos, and my Mini is only capable of one colour -- blue. I remember the days of sitting listening to the radio, waiting for a song that I liked to come on so that I could press the record button and have it on a cassette tape to play on my Walkman. Then it was putting music on CDs for my Diskman -- which took up a size-able portion of my purse -- and now I am able to download music and put it on a little device that is smaller than my credit card.

I grew up using the floppy disk -- like the old-school big black floppy disk -- but, unfortunately, I don't have access to one anymore. The next best thing is the little fellow that you see in the photos above. He can hold 1.44MB of information. 1.44MB people! You couldn't even fit a photo on that guy. I first started using a USB stick during my last year of university because I had a Mac, and they did not have floppy drives. The flash drive was the best way for transferring information between our computers -- so you didn't have to burn a CD and waste it on one little piece of information. I didn't look back, and neither did anyone else. Although, I still have several disks in my possession -- just in case.

I am amazed at how technology has changed in the last 10 years -- or so. Whomever makes the decisions and tells us what is going to be the next big thing in technology really knows what they are talking about. When we were first told about mp3 players and smart phones, I never imagined that it was possible, and here we are...just waiting for what's next.

Boy, do I feel old.


  1. I feel old too, and uncool! I don't even own a cell phone...


    Virginie xo

  2. My dad had cell phones like that! He still uses older model phones but he just recently upgraded to an actual flip phone! We made a big deal about that because it was big for him ;) Now they aren't so popular anymore, of course.

    Thank you for your sweet birthday wishes! Made me feel so special :)



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