Yummy! Herb Seasoned Potatoes

October 16, 2011
Our eating habits have changed drastically since we bought a barbeque. Time was when we would cook ourselves a pot of rice and that was it, but now we thoroughly enjoy grilling chicken, steak, burgers, pork and even vegetables. My favourite is herb seasoned potatoes. Here is how I do it:

Start with potatoes that you have washed, diced, and placed into a bowl.
The smaller the pieces, the faster they will cook.

Add a little oil, but not so much that you drown the poor potatoes.
I use sunflower oil, but I'm sure you could use any.

Add some Italian herbs. They literally come in a package called "Italian Herbs".
You can be as carefree as you like with the spices. The more the better!
I also usually add some fresh lemon juice, but did not have access to a lemon.

Get your hands in there and mix it all up!
This is not the time to be afraid to get your hands dirty.

Place the potatoes on some aluminum foil, and wrap it up into a little package.
I always place the potatoes on the barbeque as soon as I turn it on.
Potatoes take for-ev-er to cook, and I like to give them as much time on the 
barbeque as possible.

Because I was cooking chicken, the potatoes had about 45 minutes to cook.
They were delicious, but let me tell you, they are amazing with a little zing from the lemon juice.

Wash and dice potatoes.
Add oil, herb seasoning, and fresh lemon juice.
Mix with your hands.
Place on aluminum foil and wrap into a little package.
Put on barbeque as soon as you turn it on to give ample time to cook.
Eat and enjoy!

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