Ivan's Chair

October 17, 2011
Ivan loves to curl up on a wicker chair that we have in our living room. He often perches himself on the chair while we are away, and I hear him happily jump off as I walk through the door. Whenever I am sick, Ivan will sit in the chair and watch me, as if he feels bad about my being sick. This chair is Ivan's chair.

Ivan on The Chair winter of 2010 while I was sick at home.

The blanket on Ivan's chair is an afghan that my mother made me several years ago as a Christmas gift. A couple of weeks ago, my husband took the blanket off of the chair to lay on the floor for our son. Ivan jumped up onto the chair, and tried his best to get comfortable -- standing up, making circles, trying different positions -- but I could tell it wasn't the same for him without the afghan. So I guess what I should say is that the chair and the afghan belong to Ivan.

It was recently, while I looked at him so sweetly curled up in a little ball on this chair, that I got an idea for a new drawing: "Feel Better, Ivan". There's nothing quite like having a sick dog. I felt awful when, last Christmas, Ivan got into a package of chocolate fudge. He powered through it, but I have never seen a dog as sick as this little guy.

You can find the little print here in the SHOP
It is also available as a get well card here.

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