My Curly Hair Journey: 2 Years

July 02, 2022

It just amazes me that there can be so much growth and change in hair in a short period of time. As I was looking back at previous posts to prepare for this one, I was once again blown away by the amount of growth there has been on the sides of my head. There's a lot of filling in going on, and I notice baby hairs all along my scalp-line all the time.

I have recently started doing all of my after shower work upside down, from applying my gel and mousse, to even brushing it out after a wash (yes, I have started brushing again sometimes), and have noticed a difference in the lift from the roots.

I have also noticed that the top layer of my hair has done a lot of healing from when I first began (two years is a long time), and have started to see more curls starting at the root on the top layer. I'm excited to see what other changes happen as I'm starting to get some really good spirals of curl in my bottom layers.

I now understand the concept of the curl journey even better: I remember when I first started, I read a lot of blog posts that would talk about being in different places in the curl journey, and not to compare your first month hair to someone else's seven year hair. 

It's difficult in the moment, but so important to remember that your curl journey is unique to you, and you've got to research, experiment, and try many different things to help your hair become healthy without thinking you'll be the exact same as someone else. Hair growth isn't the only growth that happens on this journey.

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