My Korean Skincare Routine: Nourish

June 11, 2022

The next steps in my Korean skincare routine are all the products that nourish my skin -- which means that they not only hydrate it, but also provide nutrients that help with acne, anti-aging, and enhance my complexion. These include the essence, treatments (which can include serums, boosters, and ampoules), sheet masks, and eye creams. 

I had never used any of these items before, and so I had to do a lot of research to not only learn more about them and how they would help my skin, but also to find the best ones for me. Initially, the most difficult product to find was the essence as it is not a common product to use in North America. 


The essence is a pivotal part of Korean skincare, and I have to say that it is my favourite item in the whole routine, and I don't know how I lived so long without it.

There weren't a lot of essences to choose from as I was building up my skincare routine, so I went with Origins Original Skin Essence Lotion with Dual Ferment Complex. I almost instantly noticed a difference in my face once I started to use an essence. The red in my cheeks started to diminish and what acne I had started to clear up.

When it came time to purchase another essence, I decided to buy one from one of the Korean brands that I really like, as I had already found the online store that I use for purchasing Korean skincare products in Canada, and I had an even better experience with that one. I have since tried many others, including the Benton Fermentation Essence that I am currently using, and they have all been fantastic.


A serum is the only treatment that I currently using in my skincare routine. While there are many other options that can be added in, I never felt I needed any targeted ingredients for my skin, so the serum seemed the best option for me.

Much like the essence, I have tried many different serums that I have enjoyed. I have a list of favourites on Chuusi that I select from when one is sold out. I am currently using the Deep Green Tea Serum from Benton.


I absolutely love my eye cream! It's the Centella Unscented Eye Cream from Purito, and it has so many amazing ingredients in it that I often use it on other parts of my face if I want to target a pimple, or have had a bit too much sun. It has also done a fantastic job of diminishing my dark under eyes (I'm sure getting more sleep would help too).

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