What We Love: Spring 2022

April 17, 2022

I asked for this backpack from Terra Organica to be one of my Christmas gifts last year as I was looking for a new bag that I could wear on my back and was made in Canada with more conscious materials. I have used it a few times already this year, and love not only the depth of the bag, but the depth of the pockets inside. There are two that are perfect for a cellphone, one zippered pocket on the inside, plus another zippered pocket on the outside. I look forward to using it this summer while exploring and travelling.

I first heard this song on the radio while I was driving to work one morning. As I'm sure you've experienced before, the drive to work can be a hard one knowing you have a whole day to get through before you get to be at home again. But when this song started to play, it was so beautiful and calming, and I felt like I started to notice little things that we often don't see when we're so focused on this drive. 

It gives me the vibe of when a protagonist finally completes their task at the end of the movie, when they step outside and lift their chin up to feel the sun on their face for the first time in a long time. Or when you ride a bike down a long hill and feel the wind on your body. It's such a beautiful creation of sound.

This tiny crotchet dog is by no means the only adorable creature available in the shop Fairy Toys World, and I am in absolute awe of all of them. Anna has an amazing ability to create such tiny items, and their little faces will make it so difficult for you to choose just one. I am drawn to this little fellow because he reminds me of Ivan :)

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