Read It: The Sun is also a Star

March 28, 2021


I may be a little late to the meeting, considering this book has already been made into a movie, but I absolutely loved The Sun is also a Star by Nicola Yoon. 

The concept of the book being about a single day in the life of two people, Natasha and Daniel, was fascinating and so well done. I enjoyed that it was through the eyes of two teenagers, which is a perspective about life and the world that I don't get anymore, but also that it was about two people from two different cultures that have vastly different life experiences than mine. 

There were a lot of eye opening moments, and teachable moments, for myself as a white woman seeing and hearing about the experiences of Natasha and Daniel. I really appreciated how Yoon added in extra chapters that taught some history behind some of the moments that the two characters were experiencing or talking about. 

It was a beautifully written book that sucked me right in, and I gladly followed along for the ride.

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