What We Love: Winter 2021

February 15, 2021


One of the things that I am absolutely loving right now is my satin-lined toque that was made by Yetunde of the shop The Obsessed Crocheter. You may have seen the shop name before in the post for Canadian Handmade Christmas Gifts, but I had already owned the toque for a month before. As a newly minted curly living in a cold winter climate, I knew that I would need something more than a regular old toque to keep out the cold. Yetunde lives in Canada (support local!), so she knows how cold it can get, and she understands the importance of protecting the hair from the harshness of wool, and any other materials that toques are made of. You can tell that she takes great care in the work that she does, and I love how she picks out the satin just for you. Check out my Instagram to see the inside, it is gorgeous, and a fun surprise!

Lately, I have been hearing 1st Time from Bakar all over the one radio station that I listen to while driving. It is so smooth and upbeat at the same time and I absolutely love it!

This wooden letter board from the shop Knot Knot Outfitters is simply gorgeous. The natural wood grain and colour, and the simplicity of the lines carved directly into the board are what really draw me in.

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