Life Lately: Winter 2021

January 30, 2021

There have been some beautiful days of glistening snow and frost so far this winter. We have been very fortunate that we have only had a few days of severely cold weather. I am hopeful it continues that way, as it makes the days much nicer when we can go outside to play.

I have been doing more research on curly hair, and the products that I use. I just recently figured out that the shampoo I use still has a coconut derivative in it, so I have cut it out and am waiting to see how it changes my hair. In the meantime, I am just using my conditioners to scrub away the residues and buildup in my hair. I am really struggling with finding products that have absolutely no coconut in them.

Finding foods that we are not used to, and good for our bodies, is something that I've been trying to do on grocery trips lately. I picked up a pomegranate (my son was not a fan of the seeds, but would eat the fruit and spit them out), and a yellow pepper, in the hopes that it would be another vegetable we could enjoy. I ended up just putting chopped up yellow pepper in my salads this week because it was not a fan favourite, and I really enjoyed the new flavour. I think I will continue buying them...for myself.

I purchased this beautiful bowl, that reminds me of Saturn, from Karlie King, and it is now my new favourite porridge bowl. It would also make a fantastic chip or popcorn bowl, as it is both deep and wide enough that I would feel satisfied with the amount of snacks that I got. Haha!

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