Now He is 9

April 12, 2020

Honestly, where has all of this time gone? It's incredibly hard for me to believe that this kind, considerate, intelligent, thoughtful, funny boy is one year away from being in the double digits. This birthday was a strange one (for obvious reasons), and so we tried our best to make it a special one. 

He requested these cupcakes from Julie over at Unblushing Co. We've been making them for years and they are one of two cake-like items that he will actually eat (the other is Texas Brownies made by his Grammie). This year he helped make them (check out the photos on Instagram), and he requested a sparkler instead of a candle.

We ordered pizza and watched a show of his choosing while eating, and family and friends requested Facetimes and phone calls all day...hopefully he knows that he's loved! When it was all over, I asked him if it was a good birthday, and he said that it was. When all of this is over and the world is settling back into the routine we used to know, we will hopefully be able to have a party to celebrate.

Bonus: If you look at last year's post (here) you'll see we haven't changed a bit. Haha!

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