ElleSee Draws: The Quaranteeny Art Show

April 20, 2020

I have followed Tiny Art Show on Instagram for a while now (they do tiny art shows in unexpected places that are absolutely fabulous and you must check them out!), and with everything that's going on at the moment I finally had a chance to make my own Teeny Tiny Art Show as part of an at home competition that they are hosting.

My show was inspired by things that I love most in life, and I decided to host it outside on my backyard fence and patio for some local wildlife, as the rest of the world is not able to leave their houses at the moment.

It was so much fun to create these tiny pieces of art, and set everything up. It took me back to the world of my childhood where I would create small things for the animals and creatures living in my room. I loved that part of my childhood, so it was nice to get a piece of that back during this difficult time.

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