National Running Day: Celebrating Why I Run

June 03, 2015

Today is national running day, and I am celebrating the reason why I got into running. In the above photo I had just completed my very first 5K run, and I wouldn't strap on my shoes again until two years later. Before I gave birth to our son, I wasn't hard-core with exercising -- I trained for a month for this 5K -- and believed that I did fine with maintaining my weight, but in reality I was getting older and gaining weight.

I gained quite a bit of weight during my pregnancy, and, despite what I was promised, very little came off through breastfeeding. It wasn't until just over a year after our son was born that I had my epiphany and began my weight loss journey. Running was my jumping off point as it was something I could easily do outside or on the treadmill downstairs. I could put my son to bed, and slip on my shoes while keeping the baby monitor close by. It was something simple that would help me lose weight, and still allow me to be there for my child. Throughout the past three years of running, I have completed various goals, and look forward to pushing myself to complete another one in a couple of weeks when I go run my first race of the season.

As someone that avoided running because of my asthma, I am proud of how much I have pushed myself and I am grateful for what running has given me. Why don't you lace-up those shoes and hit the pavement with me?

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