California Adventures: Disneyland

July 28, 2019

Half way through our trip in California we met up with part of my husband's family to take in the wonders of Disneyland. I have only ever been to Walt Disney World so it was a lot of fun to have the OG Disney experience (though it did make me yearn to go to Disney World and see the things that aren't in Disneyland).

We really enjoyed the new ride experience, like sitting at the front of the Incredicoaster, Mission Breakout (my son is not a fan of the spookyness that is The Tower of Terror, but looooved going on Mission Breakout), and Mater's tractor ride, as well as going on some of our favourites that are in both Disneyland and Disney World (teacups anyone?!).

Because we were traveling with people who have had their own Disney experiences, we also tried out some rides that are in both places that we personally haven't had any interest in but some family members wanted to see, like the Enchanted Tiki Room (which I currently have going through my head as I'm writing this).

There was also a bit of nostalgia involved for myself on this trip, as my Dad grew up in California and spoke a bit about his visits to Disneyland with his family while he lived there. The last time they went my Great Gram really wanted to go on the submarine ride, but it was closed for maintenance. I wanted to make sure that I went on that specific ride in her memory, and I thought a lot about the people that are no longer with my family that would have walked where I was currently walking.

Overall, we had a great time (I don't think our family can go wrong with a Disney trip), and we are eager to start planning our next one.

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