Behind the Art: Bear Wears a Tiny Sweater

December 30, 2018

Bear Wears a Tiny Sweater came to me a few years ago when I imagined how funny (and cute) it would be to see a bear that shoved his body into a Nordic sweater that he found laying around in the forest after a skier lost it. It ended up being too small (of course), and he is not too impressed with how it feels (not only is it the wrong size, but it's also quite itchy). I wouldn't want to get too close to him while he's struggling to get out of it.

My artwork often comes from a place of silly imagination and "what if" situations. More can be found here and here in the shop. You'll see what I mean...

If you have any questions, or would like to know the story behind any of the other art prints (or cards), don't hesitate to send me and email or a message through my shop.

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