DIY: Responsibility Chart

September 10, 2018

Our son is entering the age where it's time to step-up the responsibilities. To help him to remember what he needs to do, I decided to make a Responsibility Chart to give him (and us) a visual of what needs to be done, and what tasks have already been completed. It also helps that we have it hanging in our kitchen area so that we can see how his progress is going.

It seems to be the best approach for his personality (he's going to be a list maker), and has really helped us out so that we don't have to remember everything that we have asked him to do, and then struggle to get him to finish it all.

Instead he gets a little hit of dopamine as he moves a magnet over to the "DONE" side of the magnet board (kind of like when you finally get to cross off one of those things on your to-do list), and gets incentive to complete the rest of the tasks for that day. 

Not all of them need to be done in a single day (and we'll add more as we think of them, or he gets older and takes on more responsibilities), but when almost all of them are on the "TO DO" side, he will do everything in his power to add on the ones that don't even need to be done.

What you will need:
Black Fine-Tip Sharpie
White Paint Pen (or white acrylic paint and thin paint brush)
A Ruler
Small Round Magnets
1" Round Wooden Disks
Hot Glue Gun
Glue Sticks
Metal Sign

Measure the middle of your sign and draw a line down the middle of the sign with your paint pen, using a ruler to keep it straight. On one side of the line, paint the words "TO DO" and on the other side, paint the word "DONE". Your sign is done!

To create the tasks and expectations, write on the wooden disks with a black fine-tip sharpie. If you mess up on one side, flip it over to the other side and try again. Use hot glue from a glue gun to attach the magnets to the wooden disks and...voila! You've got yourself a responsibility chart!

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