Waskesiu Adventures 2015

July 22, 2015

When I was a child, I would go to summer camp for a week each summer. I remember the drive up North to the lake, the smell of the trees as I exited the car, and, of course, the excitement of the week ahead. This week I was transported back to those moments when my mom and I took Little Boy up to Waskesiu Lake in Prince Albert National Park. I fell in love with the forest all over again as soon as I stepped out of the vehicle and onto our campsite.

It was a wonderful time, and it reminded me a lot of our visit to Banff last summer, but without the mountains -- which is alright in my books. We explored the town of Waskesiu -- and found a wonderful bakery that sold the most delicious Heavenly Hash cookies. We visited the lake, and Little Boy even took a dip in the water -- then rolled around in the sand afterwards -- and took a walk along the pier. We even discovered a wonderful children's museum that had some really fun animal costumes, and a beautiful mural. As we were leaving the park, we spotted a deer running towards us, and we snapped a bunch of photos. It was a fantastic time, and something that we hope to do again every year.

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