Watch It: The September Issue

July 07, 2015

Grace Coddington (creative director) and Anna Wintour (editor)  photo source

Upon picking up the latest issue of Vogue from the magazine rack, I realised that I have a deeper respect for the women and men that work tirelessly on a piece of art work that I enjoy reading monthly after watching The September Issue this past weekend. 

I worked for my university's student newspaper when I was younger, so I have a bit of an idea of what is involved in putting together a piece of work to be published, but not on this scale -- not at all on this scale. The attention to detail and the extensive planning -- beginning up to six months in advance -- is way beyond what I would have imagined for putting a magazine together. This is coming from someone that has always started assignments the night before they were due, so please don't trust my judgement on the time it takes to create an issue of a magazine.

I enjoyed watching the people involved in the magazine hard at work. Of course Anna Wintour is a fascinating woman. Many people think of her as someone that is quite cold, but I found her quite quirky, funny, intelligent, witty and sad. Sad because she is so passionate about something that people scoff at and find ridiculous -- including her own family.

But my favourite would have to be Grace Coddington. It is so nice to put a face and a voice to the woman behind stunning images that I have always enjoyed. I would have to say that she shaped the style of image that my mind enjoys best -- quite unknowingly, actually, as I never realised who was behind the shoots I liked best in Vogue. She is also one incredibly sassy lady, and I loved watching her during her creative stages and how she speaks her mind. To me, she stole the show.

I do recommend watching The September Issue. If you enjoy documentaries, but aren't into fashion or religiously read Vogue it is still worth your time, and it is an interesting dive into a world that the majority of the world knows nothing about. It has also made this sketch with Seth Meyers and Anna Wintour that much more hilarious for me.

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