Jazz Festival 2015

July 13, 2015

The first night we went to Adonis Puentes & The Voice of Cuba Orchestra, night two we saw Sean Viloria and the Outcast Empyre, the following night we listened to Oral Fuentes Reggae Band, and Sunday we went to Heavyweights Brass Band. I had planned for us to go every day for the rest of the week, but the smoke from the fires up North was too thick. We didn't end up going again until the following Sunday when we got to listen to The Pistolwhips

We thoroughly enjoyed each group that we had the privilege of listening to, and Little Boy loved dancing or exploring with other children or people there. He even asked me to dance with him a couple of times. The Jazz Festival is always a favourite part of our summer, and something that we look forward to each year.

We also had fun taking selfies at each concert that we went to. It was a fun way to document what we had done.

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