5 Really Good Baby Gifts

May 20, 2015

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It can be hard sometimes to find that perfect baby gift for your good friend, sister-in-law, random co-worker, etc., but it's important to remember that they are going to be getting a lot of little sleepers and onesies with adorable little sayings on them. Here are five really good gifts to get someone that's having or just had a baby -- or you and your child.

1. Receiving blankets are really great because they are usually light weight and made of some sort of incredibly soft fabric. They are not too warm which makes them perfect for swaddling a newborn to help keep them just a little bit toastier without over-heating.

2. Clothing for a toddler or older is greatly appreciated because most people only pick up clothing for when children are really little. It's really nice to have a little stock pile of pants, shirts, shorts and socks for the older years, and you can help start that.

3. A good pair of shoes for the toddler years would be a fantastic gift because, let's face it, babies cannot walk and so the shoes made for that age are not useful and are typically kicked right off. A well made little tie-up bootie would be a better use of your money in that department. That being said, some sweet kicks for when those little babies are finally running around would be excellent.

4. A bath towel or anything bath related makes a great gift because that is typically the area that is forgotten. A fun little bath towel, some bath toys, baby-friendly soap/shampoo, or a bath support are excellent gifts and would be used on a regular basis.

5. A well made burp pad is probably one of the best gifts you can give. My mom made several for my husband and I when we had our son, and they are fantastic to use. If you can find one that is shaped like a peanut and is filled with layers of cloth or old towels then buy it. The shape makes it easy to stay on your shoulder, and the extra padding makes it nice and soft for baby when he lays is head on it. They are small and much nicer to use than a receiving blanket.

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