Now He is 4

April 06, 2015

To tell you the truth, I don't really have a lot of great photos to share with you from my son's 4th birthday party. It was dark out so I had to use my flash, and I was also busy so there aren't many photos to actually post here on the blog. A lot of the photos that I took are just not of the quality -- and perfect world type -- that I like to share with you, and a lot of them also have family members in them, so I really don't want to post those. I didn't get any of the typical photographs that I take, so you get to see one of the best -- and I guess you could say most important -- photos of the night. I always try to get a photo with my son on his birthday. It's almost as if I get a break from all of the action and slow down to take a moment with the birthday boy -- as if to say that I was there.

Now that he is at the age where he can start making some of the decisions around his birthday party, he decided that he wanted pizza for supper, and some candies. I filled things in with some vegetables, a variety of chips, and some drinks. It was a wonderful night full of family, gifts and excitement. There's nothing like a birthday party when you're a child. It's hard to slow down to even take a birthday photo with your mom :)

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