April 02, 2015

How fitting that my 500th blog post should be a portrait of my son, and also about his 4th birthday. Yesterday we invited our families over for supper to help celebrate, and then we opened presents and ate cupcakes -- the details will be shared next week.

Really, what I want to do is talk about my son and the four crazy/amazing years that we have shared with him. Before I snapped these photos, he came out of his room after getting dressed and asked me "How do I look?". He has started asking more questions and wondering about things -- like why the moon is sometimes out during the day -- and exploring and making representations of things that he sees or likes while he plays or makes art.

He is such a silly little guy, and it has been so much fun seeing his humour blossom. He tries to make jokes about situations and then says "I just joking, Mom", and then giggles while covering his mouth with his hand. He loves swimming, tries to enjoy skating, and often asks to go mini golfing or bowling -- right now his big thing is going to the movie theatre. 

He has an excellent memory and often talks about things that we did "last night" -- which means "last time" -- and mentions little moments in time that we have completely forgotten about, but which must be so very important to him, and I love hearing about them again. He is a very independent little boy that shows his emotions easily -- and magnified -- but he comes by it honestly. He has been such a joy in our lives. Here's to what 4 will bring!

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