Toxic: Thoughts on Natural and Chemical Products

April 08, 2015
I recently visited the dentist because of some tooth sensitivity which she informed me was caused by some things in my diet, and in order to repair the damage that was done she wanted me to switch to a different toothpaste after finding out that I use a natural toothpaste -- to be environmentally friendly and not put harsh chemicals into my body. The look that she gave me when I told her what toothpaste I use has never made me more embarrassed to be someone that is trying to use more natural products and be aware of what is being used on my body.

And then it got me thinking: Are there somethings that we need to sacrifice our healthy body for in order to maintain a healthy body? Should we be using sunscreen with chemicals that hurt our body over long-term use to keep our body safe from the Sun? Should we be using bug spray to protect ourselves from the many insects that carry harmful diseases that you may just have a slight chance to contract? Should we be brushing our teeth with toothpaste that is filled with all of the things that we know hurt our body in order to keep our teeth in top shape?

I read this post over on Gawker today after it was shared on my Facebook feed by a physician friend of mine, and it got me thinking about chemicals that we put into -- and on -- our bodies that maybe aren't as toxic as we think -- unless you are using 20 bottles of sunscreen on your body a day, and brushing your teeth 10 times a day and swallowing the toothpaste. It also made me think about who I should be trusting to give me the information that I need to make the right decisions for my body. I know that my doctor is not going to push me to do things that will harm me, and they have also given advice and offered alternatives and natural ways to approach my health.

I've talked about this with another friend of mine that knows a lot about chemicals and used to test water adjacent to mines for harsh chemicals. We were talking about the ingredients in the food at the supper table, and he mentioned that anti-freeze is in one of the salad dressings. I asked him about the affects that that would have on our bodies, and he said it's fine in small doses as long as you don't chug the entire bottle. It reminds me of the old adage of everything in moderation, and, as Oscar Wilde says: "Everything in moderation, including moderation."

There is so much research done to find out the affects of chemicals on our bodies in the short term and in the long term, and this is turning into a post that is way too scientific for me and beyond my point. There is nothing wrong with using natural products. I use them on my face, in my hair, and to clean my house on a daily basis. I love natural products and the philosophy behind them, but when you've had two root canals and three fillings -- with another five that need to be done -- over the course of four years then maybe there are some natural products that you just shouldn't be using.

When we seek council in the right places -- not someone on the internet that discredits members of the scientific community -- then we are able to make the correct choices for ourselves and the body that we want to have.

What are your thoughts?

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