DIY: Handmade Wedding Wrapping Paper

August 20, 2014
My husband and I have a very important wedding to go to this weekend, and to make the wedding gift just a little more special I wrote song lyrics all over it -- including from the couple's first dance song. I practiced how to write each of the lyrics in my sketchbook first to make sure they looked the way I wanted, and then I wrote them on a piece of kraft paper that I had already cut to the correct size.

Then I wrapped up the gift and tied a couple of different kinds of cord around it -- I love having a drawer full of random, varying lengths of cord for this reason -- and finished it off with a shipping tag that I stamped with a flower. Simplicity is the key.


  1. I spotted your handwriting paper just as I was beginning to think about the post I've just done on joined up writing ! Funny huh!

    1. That is funny! Well, I hope that it inspires you and you'll be sharing some handwritten paper of your own soon :)


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