Listen, Look, Love: April

April 25, 2014

In our younger years my husband got me hooked on rave music. I've always loved the beats that come with that style of music, and I've recently been listening to it again. "My Feelings for You" from Avicii and Sebastian Drums has been a favourite lately.


Someone I follow on Pinterest pinned this photograph in the last little while -- Senator Hotel, Atlantic City, 1948, by photographer Nina Leen. I was immediately drawn to it. I love that it was in the late 1940's and the women were showing so much skin. Fashion hasn't changed much, and now we know that our grandparents were a little more risque than they'd like for us to think.


I really love the idea of these little gardens from That Artist Woman. This week I made one with the children at work -- as our current theme is gardens -- although ours isn't quite as pretty. I do hope to add some more flowers to it as we enter gardening season.

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