Behind the Scenes: Flock and Gather Spring Market 2014

April 30, 2014
Being a part of Flock & Gather was such an amazing experience. I went into it feeling as nervous as I did before walking down the aisle to marry my now husband, and came out of it with new knowledge from other people in the business and new knowledge about my business.

It was so much fun to see people looking at my items and hearing their reactions. A lot of it was that my stuff was very cute and simple, but I also heard some new things like "delicate" and I really liked that. I learned what cards and prints were popular, and sold a couple of new items that I will be listing in the shop soon -- the brooches. What made it so nice to hear and see these things is because I only run an online shop, and although I get wonderful feedback from my customers I don't actually get to hear their comments or see them touch the cards and look closely at my work. Even the people that didn't purchase anything gave me wonderful feedback -- it was in part because of the lovely people that were walking through the market. I didn't have a single negative encounter.

I will definitely be checking out other handmade markets, and would love to go back and be a part of Flock & Gather again.

1. My table.
2. Boolah Baguette's table.
3. Kalika Bowlby Pottery's table.
4. A customer wearing a brooch that they bought from me.
5. My view all weekend -- how could I not purchase one of those puppets :)
6. The beautiful flowers that the Flock & Gather Craft Collective made to decorate the hall.
7. The view from the stage.
8. The view from behind my table -- Clair Ashley's jewellery and wallets from Majesty Industries.

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