Now He is 2

April 01, 2013
Today, my Little Boy is 2 years old. I am so amazed by how much he has grown in the past year, and what kind of person he is shaping into. He is such a fun little being to be around.

Not only did he learn how to walk this year, but he learned how to talk, run, jump, and put on his boots, mittens and toque. He gobbles up apples and Sloppy Joes, and uses a spoon to eat his Cheerios. He throws the ball -- quite well, I might add -- for the dog to fetch, and loves playing on the swings at the park and with his sled in the snow.

I could go on forever about the changes that have occurred in the past year, but we all know how much our children change. I will cherish this past year forever, and I have locked special memories in my heart. He is my little boy, and that will never change no matter how much he grows up.

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