In the Mail: Such A Lovely Package

August 06, 2012
When I stumbled upon the Oh, Hello Friend Lovely Package Exchange of 2012, I knew that I had to sign up for it immediately. Spots were limited, and it sounded like a really fun exchange.

I was paired up with the beautiful Elizabeth that writes the blog What I Love About Today. Her blog is such a fantastic concept -- she writes about something she enjoyed about her day to help her realise something good in each day no matter how bad it may be. I think that's something that each of us should be thinking about.

From the initial email from Danni at Oh, Hello Friend, I found out that Elizabeth likes stationary, letterpress, art work, jewelry, and anything for her camera. Elizabeth, in turn, found out that I like jazz, nature inspired jewellery, handmade toys, French vintage, and small art -- this was to be used as a guide for buying our partners gifts.

Well, on Friday, my package arrived, and I was so excited to open it, except I had to wait until the following morning to be able to properly photograph the contents of the box -- natural light is your friend...and all that jazz.

What I found hidden inside two cardboard shipping boxes was a package that was beautifully wrapped using a lovely cream coloured scarf with silver threaded accents. The whole purpose of the exchange was to wrap the package as lovely as possible, and I think Elizabeth did an amazing job.

After unwrapping the scarf -- which I wonder how she did that...I really should have paid more attention during the unwrapping process -- I found two boxes inside that she sealed with some really fun washi tape.

Inside the large box was a beautiful set of four glass jars in a metal basket holder. Right now it is sitting on the bookshelf in my office, but I've got some good ideas on how to use it...stay tuned!

The second, and smaller, box was holding a beautifully hand-crafted ring. I have no idea where Elizabeth found it, but I love it. It is absolutely beautiful, and how did she know that this colour of green is one of my favourites?!

I actually wore it to a wedding that exact same day :)

Have a Happy Monday!


  1. what lovely gifts and amazing packaging :) you lucky!


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