Now He is One

April 09, 2012
Last Sunday, we celebrated the first birthday of our little boy. It was a fantastic year, watching him grow from a cooing little lump on a bump that barely opened his eyes into a growling little boy on the verge of walking.

I sent out his birthday party invitations in the middle of February because I made them myself, and I was so very excited for the day. I first shared the invitation and some of the items that I had bought for his birthday here.

I got the idea to share photographs of my little boy from throughout the year from a blogger friend that went on the hunt for some fun party ideas on Pintrest for me, and the chalkboards were a combination of two ideas: a DIY wedding centre piece and a tutorial for decorating chalkboards. The candies were for the guest to make their own goodie bags to take home in these little paper bags. I shared about the candies, and DIY photo frames here.

I made three little chalkboards and used one for the candy table -- as you already saw -- and used the other two on the snack table to let people know what the choices were for goodies and drinks. I made strawberry lemonade for the guests, and bought these special straws from the same shop where I got the little paper bags for the candies. There was also water and soda available, but the lemonade was a huge hit!

There were two kinds of chips -- salt n' vinegar and dill pickle -- apples and fruit dip, and brownies available for the guests to snack on. Of course, there were also the most delicious cupcakes that acted as the birthday cake -- I'm a big cupcake person. I shared them here. I decided to get a cute little bunting to decorate the cake with, rather than the regular route of cupcake toppers -- I thought the saying was adorable.

Besides all of the goodies, I also had a photo booth set up for the guests to have fun with. I not only had mustaches and lips on sticks, but also hats, scarves, swords, and other fun items available to dress-up with. It was a lot of fun seeing what everyone would choose to wear. As you can see, my husband and I had a lot of fun as well :)


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