Dear Santa: A Baby Boy's Wishlist + Two Side Notes

November 22, 2011
I have been struggling a lot with finding unique gifts for my son. I love Etsy, but not many people actually sell items that are made for little boys -- my son will be almost 9 months old at Christmas time. I have found several fantastic gifts for when he is a toddler or preschooler, but nothing for a baby that is no longer a lump-on-a-bump. I have had to think outside the box, and some of the items are more for decorating his room than for playing with. Here's what I've found recently that I absolutely love for my son:

Chimpanzee Roley Poley Animal

Yes, cars are fun -- and my son does have a few already -- but
there's nothing quite as unique as a monkey on wheels!

Blue Loden Mini Vintage Circus Fabric Bunting, Garland, Banner, Pennant Decoration 9 Feet

I love the wonderfully fun fabric that is used in this bunting.
It would be perfect hanging over a crib in an baby's room --
boy or girl!

The perfect, imperfect Stuffed Elephant

This elephant is simply too sweet for any child not to enjoy
cuddling -- or even any adult :)

Dachshund canvas tote, cute and adorable. Sturdy 100% 10oz. cotton canvas.
Dachshund Canvas Tote from Square Paisley Design

This cute little tote bag will be perfect for when I ditch the diaper bag,
but still want to carry around some toys, books, and extra diapers!

wooden xylophone toy - natural handmade play music for montessori baby, children - eco-friendly with organic  finish
Wooden Xylophone Toy from Smiling Tree Toys

There seems to be nothing that children at any age enjoy
more than listening to and making music -- even banging toys
can be classified as making music!

Two Side Notes:

I'm offering a 30% off coupon for anyone that makes a purchase on Small Business Saturday (Nov. 26). It will be available for use until January 31, 2012. That's my little contribution to Small Business Saturday :)

Also, I have come up with an idea for a Swap. I have seen these all over the place including Much Love, Illy and Sandy a la Mode's Cold Hands Warm Hearts Swap: here, and the Handmade Christmas Decoration Exchange from The Craft Tonic: here. I participated in the ornament exchange, and loved it so much that I decided to host my own exchange in the new year. Details to come! Please let me know if you would be interested :)


  1. love love love the bunting! what a GREAT post!!

  2. Thanks Sandy! I love the bunting too...and actually bought it a few days ago :)


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