You've Got My Vote, "New Girl"!

September 20, 2011

My husband and I checked out a new show on FOX called "New Girl". It stars Zooey Deschanel from "Yes Man", "500 Days of Summer", and, most recently, "Our Idiot Brother".

She is absolutely adorable, and I must say that my husband and I both really enjoyed the show. I laughed so hard, and not because the jokes were crude, but because it was genuinely funny. Deschanel's character is so awkward, yet very loveable, and her male roommates revealed their most endearing qualities by the end of the episode.

I have high hopes for "New Girl"; for me, it stands out the most amongst rest of the new shows on the scene. Stick around "New Girl", you've got my vote for "best girl"!


  1. Enjoy all the milestones! My son has autism, and he didn't do a lot of the things a child should. Now, when I see babies and their antics, I can't help but think how strange it was that I didn't notice something wrong. He was just my sweet little boy, and he still is.

  2. Funny you should mention that. I was always under the impression that you usually don't notice a child has Autism until they are a bit older, and that it's almost like a switch was flipped. Does it just depend on where they fall on the spectrum?


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