I can Already Taste Summer

May 22, 2011
Summer is close; I can taste it.

I have added some new photos to the SHOP of beautiful, summer flowers, and pelicans that hang-out on the river where I live so that you can taste summer too!

I have also added another size of photograph to the shop: 5x7. Stay tuned for more photos of landscapes in the 5x7 format, as well as some flowers.

This photograph was taken at a place called "The Weir".
It is a man-made object in our local river that helps control the water levels.
Every year, pelicans come to the weir to catch fish because
there is such an abundance in that specific area.
I love going for walks along the river in the summer months.

Simply Daisy

This photograph is of a daisy, obviously, that was in a bouquet
that we received upon the birth of our son.
We received a few bouquets after he was born, and I had a lot of
fun taking close-ups of all the beautiful flowers.

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