January 28, 2015

What I Wore: LUGO 2015

As you know, I always have a fun time experiencing LUGO, and, for me and many others, part of that experience is expressing yourself through fashion. This year's theme was Lugo Gold, so I decided to go wimple with a statement necklace. I wore a cute top that I had picked up on vacation from FCUK, some leggings from Jacqueline de Yong, black booties from Call it Spring, and a gold necklace that is so old I can't remember where it came from -- probably Forever 21.

I decided to go with the leggings because, honestly, I didn't want to shave my legs, and I went with a tank top so that I would stay a little cooler while dancing -- LUGO tends to get a bit warm with all of the people that are there. I chose the necklace because, well, it's gooooold, and I wore the booties because I wanted to elongate my legs without having to wear sky-high pumps. My feet were still exhausted by the end of the night. How do people wear shoes like that all day long?

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