Lugo Gold: LUGO 2015

January 12, 2015

What an amazing experience LUGO was this year -- 2014 and 2013. When we arrived we received numbers on golden stickers that we were to stick to ourselves, but what we didn't know is that there was a station where people could write anonymous letters to each other using a typewriter, stickers, or a pen, and seal them in an envelope for another person to come along and deliver to the person wearing the number that corresponded to the number on the envelope. I thought it was a fun adventure, and a great way to get people to socialise with each other in a way that they would not have throughout the evening. My friends and I spent a lot of the time asking people "What's your number?" and then delving into a conversation about the envelopes, and creating some in the moment relationships that lasted throughout the night.

As always, there was great food -- I ate the churros from Duck Duck Goose and the pulled brisket taco from Congress Beerhouse -- and amazing performances of music, spoken word, art and dance -- we saw the most fantastic drag queens Kiki Roquette & Puffy Von Pop N Fresh, and listened to a group that, sadly I do not know the name of, but had a really fun mixture of sweet beats and guitar riffs.

It was a fantastic night of glitter cannons, golden glitter face embellishments, laughter, dance and art. This Lugo really lived up to it's title: Lugo Gold.

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