June 13, 2014

Weight Update: Make A Fitness Goal

I found that it was very important to make a fitness goal for myself to help me lose weight. I decided that I would run a 5K, and I did a lot of training to be able to run it -- although I wasn't able to run it in it's entirety. Training for the 5K helped me lose a lot of weight besides watching what I ate, and although I am at the lowest weight that I will ever be -- unless I completely cut out candy and all the good stuffs and go hard at the gym for 5 hours a day -- I still enjoy doing 5K events and continue to make fitness goals for myself.

This past Sunday I completed a 5K, without walking once, in 40:23. That was the fitness goal that I had set for myself, and although I run at a much slower pace than my husband -- he ran the 5K in 25:57 -- I am very proud of my mind for pushing my body to run/jog the entire time. My next goals will be to make my pace a little bit faster and beat that time, and I plan on doing another 5K run this Summer -- I normally just do one.

What else has helped me with my running is getting toned and building the muscles that are needed to help keep you moving when you start to feel exhausted. Weak muscles are not able to run long distances.

These are the goals I have at the moment, and these are the goals that keep me excited about exercise and help me maintain my weight. I will also have a one-up when the zombie apocalypse comes.

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