Now He Is 11

April 03, 2022


How did we get to this point in time? I know talking about how quickly time passes is incredibly cliché, but looking through the birthday posts over the years, in preparation for this one, really makes me wonder what has happened to all of the time.

We celebrated another quiet birthday with pizza and a movie (Encanto). and he decided that this year he would like two lava cakes form Domino's Pizza for his birthday cake. I don't mind the quiet, but I know that he is looking forward to being able to have some time with friends.

This past year he has been building up his independence even more, and has started to ask what he can do to help when we are cooking supper, or when he sees us working around the house. We have talked more about little things that he has to start doing for himself, or be aware of for when he starts to take care of himself. He took a stay-at-home course through Zoom that brought up things to remember for safety when you are home alone -- like turning off the stove, etc.

There are so many building blocks and nuances that we are now working with, and I know it can be really overwhelming. I like that he has a group of friends that he can go to so that he doesn't have to worry about all of that all the time. He's in the middle of being a kid and being a teenager, and that can be a difficult place to be. Now is when we start to see all that we have coached him through really come to the surface.

As with each year that passes, I am curious to see what comes next. Everything with this kid is an adventure, and it's one I look forward to every day.

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