Weekend DIY: Office Closet Makeover

March 20, 2022

The office closet has been a source of frustration for many years, so I decided to tackle a makeover back in January to make it exactly what we needed. The closet originally had the builder-grade wire rack at the top where you could hang clothes and store some items on a shelf, and we added a couple of shelves to make the space more usable for storage.

As the shop has evolved and required more space for storage, the closet hasn't been able to keep up, and so everything crept out into our working space. It became really hard to work in the office because it was starting to feel cramped. I won't get into how much stuff was actually shoved into the closet, but I was shocked after clearing it all out.

After the items were cleared out, the shelves removed from the wall, the holes patched, and the walls prepared for painting, I got to work painting the entire closet (including the ceiling) a lovely jewel-toned green -- it's the same colour as the footstool in our living room, and I am absolutely in love with it! 

We decided to use the white shelves that we had previously put into the closet, and bought a few more to maximize the storage. When we got the shelves home, we noticed that the ones we already had were a bit shorter, and thought that we must have had them cut to fit the space (we just didn't remember). Luckily, a friend of ours was able to help us out, and trimmed a few inches off of each shelf for us so that they would fit perfectly.

Once everything was hung up, I got to work going through all of the stuff that had been in the closet, and organizing the space (which is currently one of my favourite things to do!). I love the feeling that I get when I open up the closet. It's a secret pop of colour when you open the door, and it's nice to have everything for the shop in one place -- no longer scattered about the room. I am inspired for the next project!

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