2021: The Year In Numbers

December 31, 2021

For a third year, you have made the Curled-Up Pup enamel pin the most popular item in the shop. It makes my heart so happy that the drawing of my little dog has resonated with you so much. We continue to donate $1 from every enamel pin, card, and art print sold, and were able to donate $30 to our local SPCA this year (thank you!!).

Also thanks to you, the best selling cards in the shop this year were Chosen MomGoodbyeSorry For Your Loss, and Dog Baby. Not to be outdone, Moon of My Life and Sun & Stars were among your favourites. It's nice to see such a variety of cards that can be useful in your lives!


As for the blog, The Importance of Rough and Tumble Play was our top post this year, quickly followed by the story behind the I Love You x 15 card, the book review for Light from Other Stars by Erika Swyler, and The Importance of Letting Children Complete Tasks on Their Own.

Just like with the cards in the shop, it's wonderful to know that there are so many different blog posts that you can find here that provide you with information, or that you just enjoy reading. 

Take care in 2022!! We'll be right here with you :)

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