My Curly Hair Journey: One Year Reflection

July 31, 2021

It's been a year since I began my curly hair journey, and I can't believe we have already reached that point. It's been six months since I last gave an update, and I have learned a lot more about my hair since then. 

After realising that I have a sensitivity to coconut, I also learned that I have a sensitivity to aloe vera. Both are in pretty much every single product for curly hair that you encounter on the market, so it was a serious struggle to find products that would provide me with what I need.

I also started to scale back significantly and, other than the odd clarifying wash with apple cider vinegar, I would only wash with a conditioner, condition my hair, and then use a foam to hold in some of the moisture, until my hair had settled a bit more into the curly hair routine. 

I eventually added in a scalp massager to help get a deep scrub while cleaning my hair with the conditioner, and it has been a game changer because it can scrub my hair in the shower better than my fingertips ever could.

While I have stopped brushing my hair altogether, and don't even use the brush to do curl training anymore, I did start plopping after every wash day, and found that the extra time for soaking in the moisture and products has helped my hair immensely. I miss the feeling of the brush on my scalp sometimes, but I enjoy letting my hair figure out it's own way of doing things.

What I loved about the curls you see in the photo above, and why I took the photo, was that they were my second day curls at the end of a long day at work. Compared to other days, I was so excited that they still had volume, and shape. This was the first time that they hadn't fallen flat by the end of the day, and that really felt like progress.

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